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Welcome to Best of Clermont's Accident Page

Clermont Accident Resource C.A.R
Welcome to the first ever Accident Campaign for Clermont, Fl and surrounding cities. We take pride advertising for our local accident network, however, we are not affiliated with any businesses within this network. We are strictly an advertising agency that has combined all avenues of accidents so that local businesses can promote their services  to their consumers easily and affordably. If you have been involved in an auto accident, slip and fall or any other kind of accident, here is your local avenue for you to find local businesses and services that are involved in the the accident process. 

Best of Clermont would like to present its very own Clermont Accident Resource Network. In order to be able to advertise for a local business they must be in our local area of influence (Lake County and more) and have a track record of positive service and feedback. Please advise us if otherwise. We have listed your local Clermont businesses to make it so much easier for you to choose from. In the effort to help Clermont Accident Resource businesses and surrounding areas get found by their local consumers with the services they are known for. Click on the links or banners to find out more information and help support local Clermont Accident Resource business.

Follow us on Fb to always see new videos and social information from local businesses.

We encourage our consumers to "like" and share our website to help awareness of the local Clermont  accident services. Stay in touch with Best of Clermont on Facebook to have coupons and advertisements from local businesses right on your page. Its another avenue for promoting local business that is basically icing on the cake for our businesses. There isn't a need for consumers to hold on to coupons and flyers in order to receive specials and discounts from your Clermont accident businesses, simply show advertisements and coupons from your phone or laptop.