The Best of Clermont Initiative

We're 100% focused on local businesses!

Best of Clermont (BOC) was created by two friends of 25 yrs, Kyle and Marc. Saying that now I wonder where the time has gone. To understand how it came about lets go back to where it all began. We had started an electronic device repair company online in 2009 and eventually out grew the garage. We needed an area that we could grow with and found that Clermont, Fl was perfect for us. We fell in love with with people and the community. 

Since 2012 we have grown our company and wanted to utilize all avenues of advertisement. We tried everything from mailers, coupons to sign people, you name it we tried it. The issue was not that advertisements didn't work per se, it is that the business community had "fly by night" companies and corporate companies, take their money for minimal effort of advertising. Business owners paid a lot for ads and websites, for some...have the salesman skip town. Clermont grew rapidly and business were being taking advantage of. That is where we come in.  

 After about a thousand hours the first version of BOC was created. To be honest, it was gaining rank on Google and it was gaining attention in the community, but lacked the functionality and navigability and appearance that we were striving for. Back to the drawing board we went. That is when, we believe, that everything happens for a reason. One day, Giff (a web guy) came in to our shop and had some phones fixed. We started talking about BOC and realized we needed a formal meeting to discuss our options. As we sat there, contemplated ideas, asking questions, brainstorming...we figured out how to create a functional and organic ranking site that consumers will enjoy to search and business owners can be proud of their advertisements.

Our mission is to get every local business, sole proprietor, freelancer found! This local Directory wants to do more amazing things for local community and you!  

Every listing is one more step towards helping the entire community. 

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